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The New Jersey Room is a collection of materials about New Jersey with an emphasis on Jersey City and Hudson County. The collection, numbering about 20,000 volumes, includes both current and historical information. In addition to books, the New Jersey Room has a complete collection of all published Jersey City/Hoboken city directories dating from 1849 to 1925; an index for the Jersey Journal for the years 1912-1954 and 1969 to the present, a picture collection of over 13,000 images; hundreds of historic and contemporary maps; over 150 periodicals; manuscript collections; and several thousand topical files.

Winter/Spring 2022 Department Access


The New Jersey Room, along with the rest of the Priscilla Gardner Main Library, is now open for access. Hours are Monday and Wednesday 10:30AM to 6PM, Tuesday and Thursday 12:30PM-8PM, and Friday and Saturday 9:30AM-5PM.

The NJ Room is open for both "passive use" (private study) and reference use. Depending on staffing the room may close for a lunch hour mid-day.

No appointment is required for access to the collection, but we still strongly suggest that you contact the department in advance.
Even as we open more fully, we continue to provide remote service for local history queries. To determine if we can help remotely or if an in-person visit is required, please contact the NJ Room by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the chat function - chat staff will create a referral.



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Research Services:

he New Jersey Room staff can answer questions about holdings of the library submitted by mail, phone, or email. A quick look-up, requiring only a few moments, can be accommodated free of charge. Such questions as "Is Mr. XYZ listed in the 1918 city directory?" or "Where is P.S. #14 located?" are the types that would fit in this category. If, however, your research requires a more in-depth investigation or the use of microfilm, and you cannot perform the research yourself, New Jersey Room Staff can conduct the research for you for a fee. Please complete and submit this form to request this service.


Hudson County Year Book:

There are slightly over 1,800 names in the listing of the Private High School Graduates of Hudson County. Only three municipalities had non-Catholic private high schools - Hoboken, Jersey City, & Union City.


First Installment:

Attention All Genealogists !! The New Jersey Room will be posting lists of high school graduates on its homepage. The first installment will be ALL the graduates of Jersey City High School (now Dickinson HS) from 1876-1900.


Browse Names:


Second Installment:

The second installment will be graduates of the private High Schools of Hudson County (excluding the Catholic  Schools) from ca. 1856 through 1986. 

These schools include the Hasbrouck Institute, the Bergen School, Stevens-Hoboken Academy, and Jersey Preparatory School.(Names vary according to when mergers occurred.) Updates will be made as more listings are acquired. For further information, contact the NJ Room at 201.547.4503.


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Do you have an old high school yearbook you would like to donate to the New Jersey Room?

New Jersey Room manager Cynthia Harris has been developing the high school yearbook collection for the last 16 years, pursuing a full collection estimated at more than 2,500 books from the public, private, and charter high schools that have taught Hudson County students since the early 1900s.

As of September 1, 2019, there are 1,748 yearbooks in this ever-growing collection for the New Jersey Room. Maybe you’d like to contribute yours?  Just a loan of your yearbook to photocopy it for the collection would be greatly appreciated.

As Harris told the Jersey Journal in a June 27, 2011 article, the yearbooks are “incredibly useful for genealogy.” She attributes her interest in yearbooks to her 25-year career as a Jersey City public school teacher.

Since beginning the yearbook search with Jersey City, Harris has extended the scope of the search to include all Hudson County communities. The books are being used to create – through the hard work of volunteers – a database of everyone who ever graduated in Hudson County. The list contains over 200,000 names and continues to grow.  Please let Ms. Harris know if you have a yearbook to donate, or if you would like to volunteer to input the names into our databases.


Hudson Country Genealogical Society

On Oct. 13, 2007 the Hudson County Genealogical Society was established to promote the study of the genealogy and history of Hudson County, NJ. The Society is working in partnership with the Jersey City Free Public Library, through the New Jersey Room, to index the obituaries that have appeared in the local newspapers. For more information and to learn about joining this Society, please check their website at


Finding Aids to Manuscript and Archival Collections

The New Jersey Room has a number of manuscript collections – that is – collections of documents, letters, research material and related material amassed by individuals or organizations. In order to make the public aware of some of the things that cannot be catalogued as books, the staff of the New Jersey Room along with graduate students from the Library Schools of Rutgers University and Pratt Institute, are creating Finding Aids to facilitate use of these very important collections. Please take a look at the material contained in the William Richardson Papers and the First Jersey National Bank Papers. Access is available but an appointment is needed. More Finding Aids will be added as they are completed. The development of other aids is in process and includes the Audrey and Warren Zapp Papers (Liberty State Park), the Edmund Miller Papers, and more.

The Paul F. Franco Collection (1724-1975, bulk 1910-1971)