Born in 1977 out of a successful experiment between the Miller Branch Library and the Spirit of Life Ensemble, Community Awareness Series (CAS) serves as an ambassador in the arts by organizing and conducting live performances, workshops, educational forums, multicultural presentations, children’s programs, and institutional outreach in Jersey City, Hudson County, and beyond.

Based at Miller Library Branch, CAS operates throughout the Library system and throughout the city. The Live Performance Series’ mainstay is jazz, but CAS also hosts world beat, folk, blues, gospel, rock, and classical music. The Workshop/Forum Series focuses on social development, creative endeavors, information sharing, and resource distribution. The Children’s Series is all about live edutainment. The Outreach Series initiated many joint projects with various social, educational, cultural, religious, and government institutions, along with Jersey City’s public, in the hopes of fostering unity and providing a visual platform for our multicultural communities.

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