Lending Department

The Lending Department is the heart of the Jersey City Free Public Library. Here, patrons can check out, renew, and return materials, as well as get help locating books and finding referrals to other Library services and resources. Lending Department staff also helps keep the Library running smoothly by shelving books, monitoring usage statistics, and tracking down overdue materials. Additionally, they coordinate the Library’s Interlibrary Loan service, which allows patrons to borrow items from other area libraries and makes Library materials available to patrons of other libraries as well.

The Lending Department is located on the second floor of the Main Library and underwent extensive restoration in 2016, including the liberation of the gorgeous Italian Renaissance-style ceiling. A new automated system is used for circulating library materials, and the old paper card catalog is now completely online, allowing patrons to access the entire Library collection from anywhere with an internet connection. Click here to get started.

The Library Card is your key to borrowing Library materials and accessing Library services. Obtain one from the Lending Department staff or find out more info online here. If you can’t find the book you’re looking for, fill out an ILL request by clicking on Blank ILL Request.


472 Jersey Ave, Jersey City | Main Library, Second Floor (Right Side) | Phone: (201) 547–4526