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  1. The JCFPL is now operating on expanded hours and services. Please visit our reopening page for more information and updates.

For borrowing books and for accessing the electronic resources available through this website on home computers, library patrons now use a yellow and blue, bar-coded library card, sized like a credit card. All library cards will begin with the numbers 27954. You can obtain a library card online today!


Access My Library Card Account


To access your library card account, please input your User ID (barcode on the back of the card/all numbers no spaces) and your PIN (usually written on a sticker on the front of your card)


Library Card Application

Online Library Card Application (English)

Solicitud de tarjeta de biblioteca en línea (Spanish)



Residents of Jersey City

Anyone age 14 or above must show the following documents:

  • A photo ID (such as driver’s license, school or work ID, current passport)
  • Proof that you live in Jersey City, sent to you at your current Jersey City address through the mail within the past 60 days (such as a current gas/electric or water bill, medical statement, bank or credit card statement, postmarked handwritten envelope, computer generated bill or other legitimate mail, recent online bank statement or bill which shows your current address, displayed on your smart phone). NOTE: A post office box can be used as your mailing address, but you must ALSO provide us with proof of your Jersey City residential street address.
  • The following are NOT acceptable as proof of address: leases or junk mail. 
  • Non-resident students enrolled in Jersey City schools or colleges are eligible to apply for a free JCFPL Library Card. Please show a current student photo ID and current tuition bill or class schedule, as well as evidence of your residential address such as the proofs listed above.
  • Non-Jersey City Residents -  If you do not live, work or go to school in Jersey City or live in Hudson County, you can sign up for a subscription account. The cost per year is $50 and gives you access to all of our online resources. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your request. We require the following information: Name, Address, Phone, E-Mail, and Birth Date.
  • Non-resident employers and employees working in Jersey City are eligible to apply for a free JCFPL library card; current payroll stub/or employment ID, together with a photo ID and current residential address information such as the proofs listed above must be presented.


Reciprocal Borrowers

Anyone who lives within the Hudson County area is eligible for a JCFPL card. Please provide photo ID and gas/electric or water bill, credit card statement, or computer generated bill from within the past 30 days as proof of current address. Each applicant must also present a current library card, which is in good standing, from his/her home town library. JCPL Staff need to call the home town library to verify that such card is current and in good standing.


Authorizing Library Card Issuance to Your Child or Children

Children under age 14 who reside in Jersey City are eligible for a free library card. We ask that the parent or guardian of each minor child authorize the card issuance. Please read the information in the next paragraphs, outlining your responsibilities if we issue a card to your child or children. By signing this form, you give the Library permission to issue a card to your child and agree if your child does not pay fines for late returns or lost items, you will pay for them. 

You can check on the status of your child’s account through our web page, by clicking on the Catalog link, or by calling the Library that your child uses and giving the staff member the information. Please inform us promptly if you and your child change your phone number or move to a new address, and provide proof of the new address as indicated above. Please fill out a separate form for each child.


Library Card Renewal

Library cards will be renewed every two years at no charge to holder if the cardholder is in good standing. Before it is renewed, all outstanding bills need to be paid. Library cardholders will be required to show forms of address, one being a Photo ID, and another current form of address.

Online Library Card Renewal