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  1. Due to weather-related state of emergency, all library locations are closed today, 10/26.
  2. The JCFPL is now operating on expanded hours and services. Please visit our reopening page for more information and updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • JCFPL Library Card +

    For borrowing books and for accessing the electronic resources available through this website on home computers, library patrons now use a yellow and blue, bar-coded library card, sized like a credit card. All library cards will begin with the numbers 27954. You can obtain a library card online today!
  • How do I renew books and other materials? +

    Materials borrowed can be renewed at your local library or online...
  • Where do I return the items I have borrowed? +

    Books can be returned at any location. DVD/Video/Audio Books/HotSpots have to be returned from the branch where it was borrowed from.
  • How do I check my account status? +

    You can view your JCFPL Account through the online catalog. Sign in with your User ID, which is your Library Card Number (found on the back of your library card starting with 27954) and (PIN) Personal Identification Number. If you misplaced your PIN or have forgotten it, please visit your local library.
  • How to Pay My Late Fees +

    Late fees can be paid online by logging into your account or paid at your local library... Read More
  • What is my PIN and why do I need it? +

    Your Personal Identification Number allows you to access your library account information through the library catalog. Your PIN should have been presented to you when you initially registered for your account. If you misplaced your PIN or have forgotten it, please visit your local library.
  • How do I renew my Library Card? +

    Library cards will be renewed annually at no charge to holder if the cardholder is in good standing. Before it is renewed, all outstanding bills need to be paid. Library cardholders will be required to show forms of address, one being a Photo ID, and another current form of address.
  • How do I change my PIN number? +

    Provided that you know your existing PIN (Personal Identification Number), you can then change your existing PIN through our online Library Catalog. Follow the directions provided on the page with your Library Card and current PIN, then enter a new PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN, please visit or contact your local library for assistance.
  • Is there Wi-Fi at the library? +

    The JCFPL offers free Wi-Fi to all JCFPL cardholders at all Jersey City Free Library locations. To connect to the Wi-Fi, please contact your local library for details. Read More
  • Can I use the Internet at the Library? +

    Public Access computer is provided at all branches of the Jersey City Free Public Library. See the JCFPL Computer and Internet Policy for details about Rules of Conduct for Use of Public Computers.
  • Other than Internet use, are there any other applications available at the Library? +

    All public access computers have Microsoft Office Applications, Microsoft Word and Excel. To find out what other computer applications are available, please call the individual Library.
  • What if I work in Jersey City but do not live in Jersey City? +

    You can obtain a JCFPL Library Card by providing proof of employment ID (or payroll stub) and current address.
  • What if I live in Hudson County? (Reciprocal Borrower) +

    Anyone who lives within the Hudson County area is eligible for a JCFPL card. Please provide photo ID and gas/electric or water bill, credit card statement, or computer generated bill from within the past 30 days as proof of current address.
  • What if I do not live in Jersey City? Entitled to be a subscription borrower +

    You can obtain a JCFPL Library Card by providing proof of current address (mail sent to you at your address where living now within the past 30 days) and paying a fee of $50 for 12 Months (borrowing limited to no more than $50 value at 1 time).
  • Is parking available at the Library? +

    The Main Library does not have a parking lot. Street parking is available but there is a 2 hour limit. Ff more than 2 hours is needed, temporary parking permits are available at the 3rd floor Main Library at the business office. Parking lots are available at the Five Corners, Miller & Glenn D. Cunningham locations.
  • Can I Donate Books? +

    Due to space restrictions, we are not accepting book donations at this time. We will update the public when we are able to accept book donations again.
  • How do I join the JCFPL mailling list? +

    Follow the link to join our mailing list. Read More
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