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Rutgers Famed ‘Certificate in Adult ESL/Literacy Education’ Now Free for Learning Center Teachers 

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The rewards of being a teacher at JCFPL’s Learning Center just got a little bit sweeter. Thanks to the cooperative generosity of New Jersey’s Department of Labor and Rutgers University, teachers at the Learning Center can now get Rutgers’ prestigious ‘Certificate in Adult ESL/Literacy Education’—which normally costs $12,000–for free.  

Moreover, courses completed as part of this program count as 12 of the 30 credits needed for the Rutgers’ Master’s Degree in Adult and Continuing Education. 

Dr. Miriam Dominguez, an ESL teacher in the PGML, Five Corners, and Heights Branches, said she was thrilled at the prospects offered by this opportunity. “JCFPL teachers serve one of the most linguistically and ethnically diverse communities in the nation,” she said. “This is a testament to the commitment that JCFPL and Rutgers have to those teachers. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I look forward to being able to better support our students.” 

Eric Trader, Director of the Learning Center, wholeheartedly agreed. “Continuous Professional Development is a guiding principle of everything we do in the Learning Center,” he said. “This course is certain to make our teachers—who are already amazing—even better.” 

If you’re an experienced, certified, or pre-service teacher who would like to give back while also continuing to develop professionally, please register here.  

If you represent an educational institution that would like to partner with the Learning Center, please contact Eric Trader at etrader@jclibrary.org