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National Library Lovers Month at the Jersey City Free Public Library

The Jersey City Free Public Library (JCFPL) is excited to embrace this month by pledging our unwavering commitment to serving the evolving needs of our community.

This month is a time to celebrate the invaluable role that libraries play in our lives and in honor of National Library Lovers Month, the JCFPL is proud to showcase a selection of our diverse resources, each designed to educate and empower our patrons, embodying our commitment to lifelong learning and community well-being.

  • Britannica Library: Britannica Library provides the trusted name and information people have come to expect from Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • Rosetta Stone: Whether you are looking to learn a brand-new language, further your ESL learning, or brush up on rusty skills, you’ll find what you need with this proven immersion method. Learn how to use Rosetta Stone via the downloadable app. Visit https://www.jclibrary.org/stone
  • Hoopla: Access thousands of ebooks, comics, audiobooks, and music albums all available for mobile and desktop use. Digital content from Hollywood studios, major-label record companies, and publishers can be borrowed for instant streaming to smartphones, tablets, and computers, or for temporary downloading to smartphones and tablets. App available on Apple App or Google Play stores.

For information on branch hours and locations, please visit our Branch Hours and Locations page.

Hear from Our Patrons:

Easy process to get a library card. All you need is proof of address and ID. You get to choose your own design. Friendly and helpful staff.

Raheen Moody

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