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Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day at Jersey City Free Public Library

On this upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Jersey City Free Public Library (JCFPL) extends its deepest respect and remembrance to the legacy of Dr. King, a true beacon of hope, equality, and justice. As we reflect on his remarkable life and teachings, we reaffirm our commitment to our community, guided by our Purpose and Commitments initiative.

Dr. King’s vision of a united and equitable society resonates with our belief that libraries are dynamic centers of learning, connection, and growth, continuously serving the evolving needs of our diverse community. In honoring his legacy, we are reminded of our core purpose: to put our Community First.

Dr. King’s unwavering dedication to these principles inspires our continuous efforts to serve the evolving needs of our diverse community. We invite our patrons to join us in reflecting on his impact and exploring the rich history and culture of the civil rights movement through our resources.

Educational Resources on Dr. King and Civil Rights:

In observance of MLK Day, we invite our community to engage with these resources, reflecting on Dr. King’s enduring legacy and our own roles in building a community that upholds his ideals. Visit our Jersey City Free Public Library Website to learn more about what JCFPL has to offer and learn more about our programs and initiatives.

Together, let’s honor Dr. King’s memory by committing to education, understanding, and community service, continuing to build a world that cherishes equality, respect, and dignity for all.