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Celebrating National Shelfie Day at Jersey City Free Public Library

In observance of National Shelfie Day, the Jersey City Free Public Library (JCFPL) invites our patrons to participate in a celebration of literature and the diverse interests of our reading community. This day offers a moment to appreciate the personal collections that reflect individual reading journeys and intellectual pursuits.

Participation in National Shelfie Day:

  • Share Your Shelfie: We encourage patrons to take a photograph of their personal book collection and share it on social media using the hashtag #JCFPLShelfie. Whether it’s a segment of your home library, a digital collection, or a preferred section within our library, your shelfie symbolizes your unique literary journey.
  • Explore JCFPL’s Resources: While celebrating National Shelfie Day, we also invite you to explore the variety of materials available at JCFPL. Our collections, both physical and digital, cater to a wide range of interests and academic needs, offering a window into different cultures, histories, and perspectives.

Reflecting Our Commitment to Lifelong Learning:

National Shelfie Day aligns with our commitment to fostering lifelong learning and providing resources that meet the evolving needs of our community. Our library is more than a repository of books; it is a dynamic center for learning and growth, where diverse ideas and stories are exchanged and cherished.

We look forward to seeing your #JCFPLShelfie and celebrating the personal connections we all have with books and reading. For more information on our collections, resources, and events, please visit the Jersey City Free Public Library website.