Library News

Art Meets Diversity Exhibition by JCAST

Exhibit Dates: October 12 – December 14
Location: Five Corners Library Branch

Each of the artists in this exhibit creates inventive works using books or text. Subjects include a range of topics; from examining systems of information collected in books, to exploring personal stories. All of the work considers the power of books and the words they contain. Artwork includes a variety of media including handmade books, installations, photographs and paintings.

Participating Artists:

  • Jeanne Brasile
  • Kate Dodd
  • Lauren Farber
  • Ed Fausty
  • Katelyn Halpern
  • Ibou Ndoye
  • Maria G. Pisano
  • Gail Winbury

Curated by Eileen Ferara
Gallery Director, Gus Tsekenis

In Real Life – Art experience that demonstrates LIFE in every way

Exhibit Dates: October 12 – December 14
Locations: Morgan & Cunningham

“In Real Life” art refers to artistic works that exist outside traditional gallery spaces, integrating into everyday life. It engages with the public directly, provoking thoughts and emotions in real-world environments. The artists featured in this exhibit work to capture and incorporate real-life emotions and experiences into their art documenting the HUMAN experience.

Participating Artists:
Morgan Library:

  • DuQuann Sweeney
  • Jamie Holland Jr.
  • Marlon Boone
  • Vincent Zambrano
  • Brian Fraser
  • Lyle Omolayo

Cunningham Library:

  • Ameerah Shabazz – Bilal
  • Lizette Louis
  • Romel Espinel

Curated By: Tiffany McQueary & DuQuann Sweeney
Gallery Directors: Francina Stevens & Ronalee Chatman

Artist Highlights:

Duquann Sweeney is a self-taught photographer born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. Sweeney is also the founder of The Royal Men Foundation, a non-profit organization that was founded in 2012.

Jamie Holland Jr. is a photographer and writer living in Jersey City. Jamie’s work focuses on the people closest to him and the spaces they share together.

Ameerah Shabazz is a photographer, published illustrator, author and award winning poet, specializing in capturing life’s moments through her work. She has the unique talent of telling stories through poetry and Visual Arts. Ameerah has had gallery exhibits on display throughout the tri-state area and is currently featured in exhibits for The Newark Arts Festival – The Newark Museum, Obcura Darkroom/Photography Gallery, Femme Couture and 3TheArtWay Curators. Ameerah’s work has been featured and published in the literary art magazines – ‘Soup Can’ and MAWR.

Brian Fraser is a street photographer who specializes in capturing people and urban settings.

Lizette Louis is a pyrography artist working out of the greater New York area. Lizette’s focus is on sentiment and nostalgia. She achieves this by rendering portraits of individuals and families illustrating their everyday activities. Lizette earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts at New Jersey City University where she became heavily influenced by Whitfield Lovell, Ursula Van Rydingsvard, and Albrecht Durer.


  • Lizette Louis
  • Roots of Oak
  • 8 X 11
  • Pyrography on Bass wood

“Arte y Color Latin-American”

Exhibition dates: October 12 to November 8
Location: B Criolla

Latin Art Exhibition in B Criolla: “Arte y Color Latin-American” invites you to experience the fiery creativity of Latin artists who ignite their canvases with passion, culture, and innovation. From the lush rainforests of the Amazon to the bustling streets of Mexico City, this exhibition takes you on a visual voyage through Latin America’s diverse landscapes and stories.

Art brought by NJ Artists Collective.
Curated by Amado Mora
Art Director: Patricia Vega

Richard La Rovere’s Architectural Renderings Collection

Exhibition Dates: October 12 – 14
Location: B Criolla

Richard La Rovere’s Architectural Renderings Collection, spanning nearly 30 years, showcases the artistic journey of Jersey City native Richard La Rovere. His diverse portfolio encompasses both commercial and personal projects, reflecting his engagement with the local community. As a traditional artist, he draws inspiration from classic American illustrators. La Rovere’s distinctive pen and ink style graces a wide range of projects, including advertising, building proposals, books, and editorial illustrations.

Artist & Curator: Richard La Rovere
Art Director: Patricia Vega