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Activities for Babies, Kids, Teens, and Adults!

And just like that, the Summer Learning Program is here. All Together Now, join us, starting June 26 through August 11, for fun and exciting library programs for all ages, including story hours, crafts, STEM activities, performances, tech classes, and much more. It doesn’t stop here. There’s more! You can win cool prizes and incentives by signing up for a library card and logging how much you’ve been reading!

From June 26 – August 11

Registration begins Thursday, June 1st

To join the fun, starting June 1, 2023, use your current Beanstack account and accept the Summer Reading Challenge to begin logging in your books. If you do not have a Beanstack account, click here or visit your local branch, and one of our staff members will help you create an account. To sign up for a library card, click here.

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Unveiling the Past: Summer Reading (Now “Learning”) Program

JCLibrary has discovered a gem from the past: an original advertisement for a Summer Reading/Learning Program. This charming artifact illuminates our enduring commitment to fostering a love for reading and learning, no matter the season. Join us in celebrating the timeless importance of this annual program!



Don’t Have a Library Card?

If you don’t have a library card apply for one here or visit to your local library branch.

Pre-readers Ages 1-5
Juvenile Ages 6-12
Teens Ages 13-18
Adult Ages 18 and up

Pre-readers will have weekly story hours. SEL Kits (Social Emotional Learning): Each kit will have a weekly theme with a book (you must check out and log into your Beanstack account), craft, coloring page, at-home activities, and information about the weekly theme. We will also have yoga, special performances, and much more. Pre-readers must join the reading challenge and log books into Beanstack. Books read to your child at story hour, or home can be logged in.


Juveniles will have a reading club where they will report to a staff member during your local branch reading club time. This is when kids and library staff can talk about the books they logged into Beanstack or read that week. They will have weekly crafts, STEM activities, Lego Club, yoga, and Fun Fridays for games, special programs, and performances. Make sure you join the Juvenile reading challenge online.


Teens will have a similar program to the juveniles where they will have book chats about books, they logged into Beanstack or read that week, weekly crafts, essay or poem contests, STEM activities, financial programs, yoga, performances, and Fun Fridays. Make sure you join the Teen Reading challenge online.


Adults will have a book club, computer tech classes, yoga classes, craft adult coloring and creating adult vision boards, rock coloring, SLP adult, bingo, 902 Brewing Happy Hour, LSC After Dark tickets, and more. Make sure you join the Adult Reading Challenge online.

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