PC Reservation in the Library

You can now make a reservation to use a computer in the library.

Please observe the following rules: Computers are available on a first come, first served basis. You can make a reservation online or over the phone up to 3 business days in advance. Please note that due to social distancing guidelines, there are limitations on the number of PCs available. No browsing, sitting other than at a PC, eating, or drinking are allowed.

Computer access schedule is as follows:

1. All persons entering the building are required to wear a mask and have their temperature checked. We also ask you sign in for contact tracing purposes. If you have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher or fail to comply with these rules, you will not be allowed to use the computer.

2. Reservations are for 45 minutes. There is a 10 minute grace period for all reservations. If you do not show up within 10 minutes of your reservation, it will be cancelled.

3. Computer access is available for all ages; children under 9 must be accompanied by a caregiver over 18. Due to limited access and social distancing guidelines, we ask for only person per computer unless a caregiver needs to be present.

4. You will need a library card number to make a reservation. If you do not have one and live, work, or go to school in Jersey City, please click here and fill out the form to get a card. Please make note of your library card number and pin number when you create the card.

5. Sessions will end after 45 minutes. Time can only be extended at the discretion of library staff. However, if there is an existing reservation, time will not get extended.

6. Due to social distancing guidelines, staff will be unable to assist at the computers.

7. To make a reservation, enter your library card, select your location, date, and time. Once you have filled in the information, make sure to confirm so the reservation is completed. Click here to make an online reservation.

8. If the time slot you select is not available, the system will automatically assign you the next available time slot. You can choose that time or select another one for later in the day.

9. When you get to your location, please use the buzzer to be allowed into the building. State your name and the time of your reservation.

10. It is advised to bring a USB drive to save your work; files cannot be saved to the library computers. USB drives are available for purchase at the Library.

11. You can pick up your print job(s) at the end of your PC session. Your first 20 printouts are free.

If you have any problems with online reservation, please contact WEBMASTER@JCLIBRARY.ORG