Flamenco Dance

On Wednesday, December 13, Biblioteca Criolla was the proud host of a special program, Flamenco Dancing. About 50 community members, including many children, braved a cold, windy evening to experience a taste of Spain, with Flamenco folkloric music traditions and dancing demonstrations.

Ms. Natallia Basava and a group of dancers from the Performing Arts Workshop NJ demonstrated traditional Flamenco music and dance, delighting the attendees with colorful dances from the different regions of Spain. Ms. Basava patiently explained Flamenco’s Andalusian origins, from the early days, when Flamenco seems to have been purely vocal, accompanied only by rhythmical clapping of hands (toque de palmas), up through later times when the guitar and other instruments were introduced to the form. Attendees enjoyed learning about some of these “newer” Flamenco instruments, such as tambourines, bells, and wooden castañuelas (castanets) – and of course, there was dancing! Ms. Basava invited everyone to participate in the dancing, while teaching dancing positions and steps.

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