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How to Schedule a Pickup Using myLIBRO via Web Browser
  1. To request a book and schedule a pickup through myLIBRO we must first place a hold using the Jersey City Free Public Library Online Catalog.
  1. Go to
  2. At the top of the page click Catalog Search
  3. On the Library Catalog you must sign in with your Library Card (User ID) and PIN#.
  4. Search for a book using the online catalog.
Scheduling a Pickup on the myLIBRO Webpage
  1. First login to the myLIBRO website.
  2. Open your web browser and go to

myLibro Login Screen

Select Jersey City Free Public Library

Creating a Pickup Schedule

myLibro Login Screen with Holds
When the book(s) placed on hold is made available, you will see it listed on the myLIBRO webpage. Now you are ready to schedule a pickup.

  1. Select your preferred pickup date and time. *Please note you cannot select same day pickup.
  2. Enter your e-mail and phone number.
  3. Click Schedule on the bottom of the page.
  4. You will see your scheduled pickup at the top of the page.

Scheduling Information
You can click view more to see more information on your scheduled pickup.

  1. Click reschedule if you need to reschedule your pickup.
  2. Click cancel to cancel your scheduled pickup.
  3. You will also receive an e-mail confirming you scheduled pickup.
  4. How-to Schedule a Pick my Books! Pickup.
  5. Not looking for a particular title? Let library staff select one for you! Pick My Books! and Pick My Books for Kids! are now available at all Curbside locations. Pick My Books! allows you to request five books for adults and 10 books for kids according to age and interest, selected by library staff. You may request Pick My Books! on the myLIBRO app when you schedule a pickup. See below for how to schedule a Pick My Books! Pickup on the myLIBRO webpage.
  6. Login to the myLIBRO webpage.

Scheduled Pickup
Just like how we scheduled a pickup with a book we had on hold we can schedule a Pick My Book! pickup. You do not need to put any books on hold as library staff will choose the books for you. Follow the steps below to use the Pick My Books! Option.

  1. Change the pickup type to Additional Items Pickup.
  2. Select your pickup location.
  3. Under category select either Pick My Books! Or Pick My Books for Kids!
  4. You can choose a subject or genre under the Sub-Category.
  5. Sub-Categories for Pick My Books for Kids are chosen by age range.
  6. Please provide more details in the Notes for Pickup section, such as favorite authors or series, types of books (picture books, board books), subject areas (computers, health, history), or any other information that will help staff with their selections.
  7. Click Schedule on the bottom to complete the Pick My Books! Schedule pickup.