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Visions of 2020 – Jersey City and Hudson County in the Covid-19 Era - A Community History Project

Without question we are living through a historic time that will be remembered for many years to come. Help enrich the record of this time by documenting your experiences and feelings in the form that feels right to you. Help us create a record documenting that behind the statistics and headlines are real people living their lives in extraordinary times.

For creative expressions such as photographs or videos, or open-ended essays or recorded conversations, use the open submission form.

If you prefer a more structured approach, use the guided submission form for a few writing prompts.

Parents, caregivers or educators, consider using our guided submission form for kids.

Recommend a web resource for archiving using this form.

To create a record of the people we lose to this illness, please submit In Memoriam.

Submissions will be archived in the New Jersey Room collection of the Jersey City Free Public Library and made accessible through a digital library portal. Selected submissions will be highlighted on social media platforms, with the permission of the creators.

Credits: There are many similar projects that have been put in place in the past few weeks. Credit for inspiration shaping our project’s forms is due to the History Project, Boston for the open submission form and the Monmouth County Historical Association for the guided Adult and Children’s forms.



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