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Shane Smith
Public Information Officer

Jersey City Free Public Library
472 Jersey Avenue
Jersey City, NJ  07302

Trick or treat! No, this isn’t a library Halloween trick… It’s a treat, especially for history buffs.

The New Jersey Room of the Jersey City Free Public Library received a special donation on Tuesday, October 22nd when five archival ledgers from the 19th century were donated by the Aceti family’s five siblings – Peter Jr., Harry, Robert, Jerome and Michael – who were all born and raised in Jersey City.

BACKGROUND: Jerome Aceti (grandfather of the five brothers) gave the five ledgers to his son, Peter Aceti Sr., at age 15 (65 years ago, in 1948, after World War II). Peter had no idea from where the books had come; only that his father was in construction, as a mason. Historically, books and other paper items were stored in walls as a rudimentary form of insulation prior to modern-day fiber glass insulation. The influx of soldiers coming home from the war produced many home-buyers, using the G.I. Bill for purchase. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that a mason working on these homes would find history in the walls as insulation.

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JERSEY CITY, N.J.   August 14, 2013 – Ah… Extending the Summer…always a child’s thought of relaxation and fun that continues into adulthood.

The Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation seeks to satisfy that child’s whim with a bit of its own whimsy… The Endless Summer, a fundraiser at P.J. Ryan’s, 292 Barrow Street in Downtown Jersey City, on Thursday evening, September 19, from 6 to 10 p.m.

Tickets are $20, inclusive of food, drinks and music. Please make checks payable to: Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation, Inc. Please send to: Priscilla Gardner, Executive Director, JCFPL Foundation, Inc., 472 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07302. For further information, contact: (201) 547-4508, or e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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JERSEY CITY, NJ   May 16, 2012 – “In lieu of flowers and mass cards, Matthew’s family asks that you donate your favorite children’s book in Matthew’s memory to the Jersey City Free Public Library.”

It was a small gesture, lovingly placed in the obituary of their son, Matthew Angelo Scarpa, when he suddenly died on January 3, 2012. Born on September 29, 2011, and only three months, four days old when he passed, this infant made a difference in his parents’ lives, who have now shared that sunshine with others.

Dignora Aquino and Sgt. Michael J. Scarpa of the Jersey City Police Department are also the parents of four children – WilliamGaius Christopher, Raffaele Charles, Marissa Vera, and Gianna Rose – whose fifth child, Matthew, was known for his radiant smile.

“That selfless gesture from Matthew’s parents now benefits all Jersey City children who come to the Bonetti Children’s Room at the Main Library,” said Library Director Priscilla Gardner. The books have a commemorative label placed in them, so parents, caregivers and children can know of Matthew:

Matthew Angelo Scarpa 1st Birthday Walk Fundraiser

1st Birthday Walk Fundraiser Form

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JERSEY CITY, N.J.   August 29, 2012 – Writers Who Perform, the theme of A Tale of Our City 2012, Jersey City’s annual book festival, brings an exciting assortment of authors ready to (literally) rock your world!

The two Jersey City-based writers – known for their polished performances – will give a lively finish: spoken word artist Dujuana Sharese and singer/songwriter Debra Devi, lead in the rock band Devi and author of The Language of the Blues: From Alcorub to Zuzu, at the 5th annual book festival, A Tale of Our City on Saturday, September 22, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Victorian, historic Van Vorst Park, Jersey City, N.J.

A Tale of Our City is presented annually by Jersey City government: Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy and the Municipal Council, the Jersey City Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Jersey City Free Public Library.

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JERSEY CITY, NJ   April 25, 2012 – In the realm of ‘you can’t make this up’, Union City-native Jon D’Amore has written a novel depicting the true story of mob influence in Las Vegas, “funneling millions of dollars out of Las Vegas and saving the New Jersey Don from 40 years in prison. “The Boss Always Sits in the Back” is a humorous, suspenseful retelling of actual events that led to the demise of the mob in New Jersey.”

A natural storyteller, Jon D’Amore started writing when he was 10 years old, and began the guitar lessons that launched his musical career. Both writing and music were his main career focuses, except for that youthful dalliance, at the encouragement of his Godfather, Jerry D’Amore. “Jon’s life took a turn after Jerry invited Jon to Las Vegas for his 22nd birthday, where he unsuspectingly, then willingly, became part of a scam that has never been revealed before, yet changed the laws of casino gambling forever…but not before it funneled millions into the New Jersey underworld. / As an insider with no mob ambitions, Jon became a trusted ear and learned of the life and death manipulations that made friends and relatives from his world disappear. When the smoke cleared, Jon was one of the few left standing. The others were either dead or in prison.”

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