How do I get a vaccine?


Am I eligible?

The list of people currently eligible for vaccines in New Jersey can be found here.


Where can I sign up?

  • NJ Vaccine Scheduling System (NJVSS)
    • When you visit this website, click the blue “Get Started” button and fill out the Captcha info (a string of letters and numbers to ensure that you are a real person filling out this website). You will then be asked questions about your personal information including insurance information and general eligibility. Please note, you are only required to answer the questions with a red asterisk (*) next to them. Once you complete this, you will receive a confirmation email, and you will receive another email if you are currently eligible. If you do not receive an email right away, it means you are not eligible yet, and you will receive an email once you become eligible.
  • Jersey City COVID-19 Vaccines
    • Jersey City residents can call 201-373-2316 to book a vaccine appointment, 7 days a week from 9am-5pm. This website also lists all 12 vaccination locations in Jersey City and Kearny, with phone numbers and links to the vaccination centers’ websites.
  • Hudson County COVID-19 Vaccination
    • This website is only for those who live and/or work in Hudson County. Once you get on the website, click the blue “Sign Up” button. If it is your first time visiting this website, you will need to register by entering your name, email address, and a password. You will then receive a verification link sent to the email address provided. That link will take you back to the Hudson County COVID Vaccine website where you will click “Complete Registration.” You will then be asked questions about your personal information including insurance information. The next page will show you whether or not there are open appointments. If there is availability, you will be prompted to schedule an appointment. You may be asked to verify that you are eligible. Save the password you created, as you will need this to access your Hudson County COVID Vaccine portal in the future.
  • Hoboken Health Department COVID-19 Vaccine Signup List
    • When you visit this website, read through the eligibility requirements and important information regarding the vaccine, and then click “Next.” You will then be asked questions about your personal information and general eligibility. Please note, you are only required to answer the questions with a red asterisk (*) next to them. Click “Submit” and you will be placed on the Signup List. This does not mean you have an appointment yet. The Hoboken Health Department or Riverside Medical Group staff will reach out to schedule an appointment, when supply is available.
    • NOTE: Seniors or family members of seniors can also call the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) at 201-420-5621 to schedule an appointment. If calling after hours, please leave a message with the senior's name, phone number and address.
  • CVS
    • Since CVS is nationwide, you will have to choose New Jersey when you load this website. When you do so, a pop-up will appear that will give you every CVS location offering COVID-19 vaccine appointments and will tell you the status of whether there is appointment availability.  If you see that a nearby location has available appointments, click through and choose a time slot. You will be asked your personal information, including insurance and prescription plan information. Once a time slot is chosen, a spot will be held until you complete filling out the online form.
  • Rite Aid
    • When going on the site, you will be prompted to answer personal information questions and eligibility questions. If you are currently eligible, you will be told whether there are appointments currently available or not. If you see that a nearby location has available appointments, click through and choose a time slot. You will then be asked personal information, including insurance information. You are not guaranteed a time slot until you complete the order form, so try to do this quickly (or have a fast typist in your life help you!).
  • ShopRite
    • ShopRite can tell you which locations have each brand of vaccine (Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson/Janssen). When you go to the site, scroll down to Links to find this information. You will also see a link to schedule an appointment. If an appointment is available, you will be prompted to choose a location and time and enter your information. Please note, there are currently no locations in Bergen County, but you do not have to stay within your county for ShopRite appointments.
  • Stop & Shop
    • Once you’re on the page, you will scroll down until you find New Jersey. Click on that tab and it will give you up-to-date eligibility information and you will click through where it says “If you are a New Jersey resident who is part of a priority group listed above, click HERE* to schedule an appointment.” From there, you will be prompted to enter your zip code. If appointments are available, you will choose your location and time and then enter your information.
  • Walgreens
    • You will first need a Walgreens pharmacy account in order to schedule a vaccine appointment. You can register for an account for free by clicking here. You will then have to be logged in to your account in order to search for vaccine appointments. You will search by your zip code and will be told if there are any locations nearby with available appointments. If appointments are available, you will then choose a time and enter your information. Seniors age 65+ can call individual Walmart stores to make appointments as well.
  • Walmart
    • You will want to click on the schedule now button under the COVID-19 Vaccines banner. You will need a Walmart account to make an appointment and can get one for free here. From there, the site will search based on your zip code assessed by the computer. You can also click on the zip code and enter a different one if you are searching in another area. After choosing a location, you will be asked if you are eligible according to their requirements (you currently must be over 65 to qualify). From there, you will choose a date and time and then will be prompted to enter your information.
  • Your doctor’s office or medical facility
    • Several doctor’s offices and medical facilities, including Jersey City Medical Center, are carrying the vaccine, so check with your primary care provider to see if they have any vaccine availability and what their eligibility requirements include. Note you may be required be a patient of a medical facility, so be sure to call ahead when you’re looking to book an appointment.

For a complete list of locations with vaccines statewide, click here.


If you are not computer savvy, you can call 855-568-0545 for assistance in New Jersey.

I’m having trouble finding an appointment. Where can I look to see what’s available?

  • VaccineFinder – VaccineFinder helps you find clinics, pharmacies, and other locations that offer COVID-19 vaccines. Enter your zip code to check on vaccine availability at dozens of local pharmacies and clinics. This website is updated daily and is operated by Boston Children’s Hospital and supported by the CDC.
  • New Jersey COVID-19 Vaccine FinderThis website is in beta and is a work in progress. On this website, you can search for available vaccine appointments at locations across the State of New Jersey. You can browse the list of sites or search by county by selecting your desired county from the menu. Check the "Show available appointments only" box to see only those sites with currently available appointments. You must be currently eligible to receive the vaccine. Check back regularly for updated information.
  • New York City COVID-19 Vaccine Finder* – This website lists vaccination sites with available appointments. Find the vaccination site you wish to go to, and click on “Schedule appointment.” This link will take you to the Appointment Scheduler. Click on the button that says “Schedule First Dose” if this is your first dose. Then, check off which eligibility group(s) you belong to and click “Next.” Then, complete the Health Screening and Attestation, including a Captcha, and click “Next.” The next page will show you whether or not there are open appointments. If there is availability, you will be prompted to schedule an appointment. *If you live in Jersey City, but work in New York City, you are eligible to receive the vaccine in New York City.
  • Vaccine Bot NJ– a website that offers ways to get live updates on which site currently has vaccine availability.
  • @NJ_Vaccine– the Vaccine Bot NJ Twitter account. This is continually updated when a site is open. Tweets offer information on site specific requirements if there are any, as well as screen shots and links to click on so you can book an appointment. You do not need a Twitter account to see this page, but if you are a Twitter user it’s best to follow the account so it shows up in your own feed.
  • New Jersey Covid Vaccine Info Facebook page– Similar to Twitter accounts, you can receive continually updated information on which sites have vaccine availability. This page is “crowd sourced,” meaning any member of the group can post information and/or questions. Some posters provide detailed information on how their own vaccine experience is going or what it was like. You can see the page without having a Facebook account, but if you have a Facebook account you can join the group and be able to post questions/respond to other posters/etc. People also sometimes offer to volunteer to search for an appointment for you, but do note you will likely have to share your personal information with them, so please take that into account. Note you will not have to enter any credit card or payment information or your Social Security number, so if someone asks for this do not give them this information.
  • @C19VaxxUpdates– Another New Jersey Twitter account telling you about available vaccine appointments. This account also offers tips like clearing cookies on certain websites so you can find an open appointment efficiently. Again, you do not need Twitter to view this page.
  • New Jersey Vaccine Hunters– Another statewide public Facebook group. Again, you do not need a Facebook account to view, but you will need one to post.
  • @BCNJ_VaccineBot– A Twitter account with updates for vaccine appointments in Bergen County. You do not need a Twitter account to see updates.
  • Rutherford Covid Updates Facebook group– A more localized version of the NJ Facebook group. This one is private, however, so you will need to have a Facebook account to access the posts on this page. You will have to request to join the group.
  • NJ Vaccine Matchmakers for Seniors– This group is run by volunteers who help make appointments for seniors who need it or aren’t comfortable using the computer (you can fill this out with a senior to help them). On the website, go to New Jersey and choose your county. Then you will go to the Google Form and answer the extensive questions including how far the person getting the vaccine is willing to travel. Please note you will be sharing personal information with the volunteer (the form also presents this disclaimer as well). Once your Form is completed, you (or the person getting the vaccine) will be contacted about next steps.


I don’t have health insurance. Can I still get the vaccine?

Yes! If you do not currently have medical insurance, you can still get the vaccine. When scheduling an appointment, look for an option where you can say you do not have insurance and you will still be able to book an appointment.


Thank you to Rutherford Public Library for sharing this information.