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The JCFPL now carries Hotspots!!! Please visit your local library branch to borrow a T-Mobile Hotspot.

$5 Charge for 1-week Checkout

$2 Charge per day for Late Return

2GB limit per device - Streaming video should be limited during use.

Device will be disabled if not returned within 10 days.


Key Features:

  • T-Mobile 4G LTE
  • Up to 10 connected devices
  • Check out available for Adults only
  • Hotspot is accessible anywhere in the US, Canada and Mexico with no roaming charges

How to Connect to the ZTE Falcon HotSpot:

  • Ensure the HotSpot is charged
  • Turn the ZTE Falcon switch to on / WIFI button will light up blue (See indicators for the device on back of the page)
  • Enable WIFI on the device(s) that you need to connect
  • On the back of the device is the T-Mobile network name and password
  • On the devices you are connecting, choose the T-Mobile network
  • Upon prompt for password, type in the password on the back of the device
    • Password is only required on initial sign in, after initial sign in, the device will automatically connect once the network is chosen

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