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History Hunters: Aceti Family of Jersey City Donates 5 Archival Ledgers from 19th Century

Trick or treat! No, this isn’t a library Halloween trick… It’s a treat, especially for history buffs.

The New Jersey Room of the Jersey City Free Public Library received a special donation on Tuesday, October 22nd when five archival ledgers from the 19th century were donated by the Aceti family’s five siblings – Peter Jr., Harry, Robert, Jerome and Michael – who were all born and raised in Jersey City.

BACKGROUND: Jerome Aceti (grandfather of the five brothers) gave the five ledgers to his son, Peter Aceti Sr., at age 15 (65 years ago, in 1948, after World War II). Peter had no idea from where the books had come; only that his father was in construction, as a mason. Historically, books and other paper items were stored in walls as a rudimentary form of insulation prior to modern-day fiber glass insulation. The influx of soldiers coming home from the war produced many home-buyers, using the G.I. Bill for purchase. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that a mason working on these homes would find history in the walls as insulation.

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An Afternoon with Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa

On Saturday, September 30th, Biblioteca Criolla was the proud host of author, Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa’ new book “Daughters of the Stone” This is a lyrical powerful debut novel about a family of Afro–Puerto Rican women detailing their physical and spiritual journey.  

"Beautifully written saga of five generations of Afro-Puerto Rican descent that shows all of their power, resilience and vulnerability. The stone in the title, along with some powers of magic are passed along from female to female among the descendants of Fela, an African women sold into slavery in Puerto Rico. Relationships between mothers and daughters are fully explored here with all the complications that entails. While some turn their back on the magic and "old ways" of their ancestors, the stories and the stone always endure and the generations are brought full circle in their journey."
--Uptown Literati

This book launch was very unique for it was also a debut art exhibit for local artist Miosoty Estrella and musician, Hector Peralta. The program was educational & entertaining.

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Endless Summer Fundraiser

Check out all the fun during our Endless Summer Fundraiser @ Parlay Studios.

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Field Station: Dinosaurs

Dino the Dinosaur, Fred Flintstone’s loveable pet, was nowhere to be seen.

Guitar-playing Dinosaur Troubadour came, instead, to the Bonetti Children’s Room at the Main Library on Thursday, July 18, singing his heart out while teaching the children who attended about dinosaurs. Four representatives from Field Station: Dinosaurs, a seasonal amusement park in Laurel Hill County Park, Secaucus, entertained the children and their caretakers who kept streaming in, creating a standing room audience of, at the very least, 200 people.

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