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JERSEY CITY, NJ   June 12, 2012 – Pieces of the historical puzzle that bind The Provident Bank and the City of Jersey City now become part of the Jersey City Free Public Library, for their preservation and for all to see.

All items being donated to the New Jersey Room of the Jersey City Free Public Library are property of The Provident Bank and were accumulated in the course of its 173 years of banking.

“Provident and Jersey City share more than a connection with Dudley Gregory, Provident’s first acting president and Jersey City’s first mayor. The Provident Bank shares a rich history with the City of Jersey City: its businesses, its peoples, its successes and its challenges. We take pride in this shared history, and we are delighted that we can share our treasure trove of historical information with the residents of Jersey City through the Jersey City Public Library,” said Jean Quinn, vice president, public relations, The Provident Bank.

Also representing The Provident was Nicholas Cavaluzzi, vice president and area manager, Jersey City.

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JERSEY CITY, NJ   May 16, 2012 – “In lieu of flowers and mass cards, Matthew’s family asks that you donate your favorite children’s book in Matthew’s memory to the Jersey City Free Public Library.”

It was a small gesture, lovingly placed in the obituary of their son, Matthew Angelo Scarpa, when he suddenly died on January 3, 2012. Born on September 29, 2011, and only three months, four days old when he passed, this infant made a difference in his parents’ lives, who have now shared that sunshine with others.

Dignora Aquino and Sgt. Michael J. Scarpa of the Jersey City Police Department are also the parents of four children – WilliamGaius Christopher, Raffaele Charles, Marissa Vera, and Gianna Rose – whose fifth child, Matthew, was known for his radiant smile.

“That selfless gesture from Matthew’s parents now benefits all Jersey City children who come to the Bonetti Children’s Room at the Main Library,” said Library Director Priscilla Gardner. The books have a commemorative label placed in them, so parents, caregivers and children can know of Matthew:

Matthew Angelo Scarpa 1st Birthday Walk Fundraiser

1st Birthday Walk Fundraiser Form

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JERSEY CITY, NJ   April 4, 2012 – Performance artists Ruben Millares and Antonia Wright recently came to the Main Library in Jersey City to abscond with 14 boxes of books that were weeded from the library branches’ collections. The use for the books can raise an educated eyebrow…

They came in search of books for their art installation at the Fountain Art Fair, which was held in mid-March in New York City. From Miami, both artists have been doing this installation of books as a “homage to the book, a celebration” and a commentary on how reading in libraries has gone digital.

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JERSEY CITY, NJ   March 5, 2012 – Black History Month 2012 went out with the thunder of Red Tails, as Tuskegee Airman Lt. Calvin J. Spann addressed the SRO audience of over 300 people at the Miller Branch Library, 489 Bergen Avenue in Jersey City, on Wednesday evening, February 29th. It was there, at the end of the program, when Lt. Spann proudly held up the Jersey City Free Public Library card.

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JERSEY CITY, NJ   April 25, 2012 – In the realm of ‘you can’t make this up’, Union City-native Jon D’Amore has written a novel depicting the true story of mob influence in Las Vegas, “funneling millions of dollars out of Las Vegas and saving the New Jersey Don from 40 years in prison. “The Boss Always Sits in the Back” is a humorous, suspenseful retelling of actual events that led to the demise of the mob in New Jersey.”

A natural storyteller, Jon D’Amore started writing when he was 10 years old, and began the guitar lessons that launched his musical career. Both writing and music were his main career focuses, except for that youthful dalliance, at the encouragement of his Godfather, Jerry D’Amore. “Jon’s life took a turn after Jerry invited Jon to Las Vegas for his 22nd birthday, where he unsuspectingly, then willingly, became part of a scam that has never been revealed before, yet changed the laws of casino gambling forever…but not before it funneled millions into the New Jersey underworld. / As an insider with no mob ambitions, Jon became a trusted ear and learned of the life and death manipulations that made friends and relatives from his world disappear. When the smoke cleared, Jon was one of the few left standing. The others were either dead or in prison.”

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