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and visitors from all over, will find the Jersey City Free Public Library very helpful by offering you the most up-to-date information in our re-designed website.

We always welcome comments and suggestions to serve you better. Your feedback and customer satisfaction are of the greatest importance to the Library Board of Trustees and myself. We extend our best wishes for a fun-filled, informative journey as you travel our information highways. The Jersey City Public Library views the Internet as yet another opportunity to serve the citizens.

The best gift, one that brings a wealth of opportunity and entertainment throughout the year is a Jersey City Free Public Library Card.

Please help me to reach my goal of registering 240,055 new library cardholders. Best of all, it's free.

Priscilla Weaver- Gardner
Library Director

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26 Feb 2018
Book Club
26 Feb 2018
Movies (YA)
26 Feb 2018
Read to Ella
26 Feb 2018
Story Hour
26 Feb 2018
Story Hour


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